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First of all, we should know that what is the keywords. Keywords are the user queries which type on the Google search bar to find any service, product etc. Now we start the topic: According to the Search Engine work; Google increase and decrease the results on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) after searching a keyword in different ways and these ways to searching a query are made Keywords Kinds or types or varieties. To know about it, read followings.

There are four kinds of keywords based on Google Searching:

Exact Match Keyword: When user type a query like [XYZ] or [How Many Types Of Keywords], means under square bracket then it is called Exact Match Keyword.

Note: For Exact Match Keyword, search engine shows fewest results.

Phrase Match Keyword: When we search a query or keyword like "XYZ" or "How Many Types Of Keywords" means under Quotation marks then it is called Phrase Match Keyword.

Broad Match Keyword: When we type a query directly in search bar like XYZ or How Many Types of Keywords then it is called Broad Match Keyword.

Note: In Broad Match Keyword, search engine shows the most results.

Negative Keywords: When the user searches a query or keyword and don't a get relevant result according to that query then that keyword called Negative Keywords. For Example: When you search (Gmail Support Number) and SERP shows other brand support number at some places then Gmail Support Number is the Negative keyword for those brand support numbers or websites.

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