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Keyword Proximity: Keyword Proximity is the closeness between two keywords. For example: "Norton Customer Support" is a keyword which we are targetting in our heading "Norton Support provides best technical service to our customers". In this heading the proximity between Norton and Support is 1 and Proximity between Norton Customer is 6 and between support customer is 5. So From LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) point of view, That keyword which has less proximity, get rank first than more proximity keywords. So that Keyword Proximity is an important factor to make good LSI regarding own products and services.

Keyword Prominence: There can be many kinds of keywords for our services or products but in all of these, some most important keyword we prefer to put in Title and Headings. After that another keywords we target in the body part and off page activity. It is called Keyword Prominence. Conclusion: According to us, This is only a thought of an individual which think that some keywords are most important and another some keywords are less important for his product or service.

In another word: Which keywords we prefer more important for our services. It is called Keyword Prominence.

Keyword Density: Keyword Density is the percentage of numbers of a keyword and phrase that appear in a web content. To calculate it divide Number of times of a Keyword from the total number of words in web content. To convert it into percentage multiply the result from the 100. For example: If a 300 words's web content have a keyword "Norton Support Australia" 6 times then the Keyword Density of "Norton Support Australia" is: 6/300*100 = 2%.

Keyword Frequency: Keyword Frequency is the count of the number of times of a keyword and phrase in a web content. For example: If a 300 words's web content have a keyword "The Baaghi 2" 3 times then the Keyword Frequency of that word will be : 3.

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