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Black Hat SEO: It is a technique to improve our website ranking instantly on Google without following Search Engine Guidelines. In other words, it is the process of technical cheating by which you can rank our website in a small time in free on any Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.).

Follow Below Mention Queries to Know About Black Hat SEO Tactics in Details:

Cloaking: In this technique, WebPages or website show different things to Google, which don't show to the visitors. The visitor content becomes hidden for Google by the coding. By using this trick, we use irrelevant, illegal visitor attractive content to improve website traffic. Google can penalize that website so saving from that owner uses cloaking.

Keyword Stuffing: This is the placement of Keywords in an irregular way on webpage content. In other words, we put our keyword in bulk on webpage content so that the Google robots find more specific words in our website than other websites and due to which Google provides an instant rank to that website on those specific keywords.

Plagiarism: When we copy content from any big website and put it on our website then Google considered it as a duplicate content. The Process is called Plagiarism.

Exchange Links: When I deal with someone that he put or add my website to own webpage content and I add him a website on my webpage content then it is called Links Exchange.

Doorway Pages or Gateway pages: It is a type of website or webpage which have a better DA PA and backlinks but when visitor click on this website then it redirects visitors to money making website. It is called Doorway pages. By using this technique, we can improve our site ranking instantly.

PBN (Private Blog Network): It is the network which has a collection of blogs. By using it, we can link our website with multiple blogs at a time. It helps to rank instantly. To know more about PBN visit https://www.quora.com/What-is-PBN-in-SEO.

Links Buying: When I contact an owner of high traffic generated website and say him to add my website to his website then it is called Links Buying. It improves website ranking and traffic also. In this technical world, many people call us to sell thousands of links in few dollars. But don't do that, this can be harmful to your website.

Writing only for Search Engine: Content which only has keywords from start to end and doesn't have a visitor relevant content. It makes too easy to show our website first than other websites for specific queries.

Heading Optimization: We should only use one H1 heading in our website content. But using multiple H1 on the pages called Heading Optimization and it is a black hat technique so the Search Engine can penalize your website.

Over-Optimized Alt tag: Keyword Stuffing in image alt tag.

Use Spin Content: There are many kinds of tools available on Google which modify the content of a high rated website. Because content is the king for ranking so many people use these tools and save money to hiring a content writer. But these tools only modify some words and due to which also change the meaning of the sentences. Google also check the percentage of duplicate phrases. So that according to me don't use it, if you want to save your website from penalization.

Link Farming: Link Farm is a collection of many websites which also linked with each other. It forms a link wheel or web ring and more other better shapes of linked websites. But this is a type spam and helps to generate traffic from related websites.

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