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What is a URL? And what do you think? If you confused about it then this is the best post for you. because today we will describe a URL and it's Component deeply.

First of all, we should know about the definition of the URL before knowing it's components. SO!

URL: The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a complete digital address by which an online webpage open on the browser. Many times URL doesn't have it's all components but don't confuse if the digital address opens a website or webpage on a browser tab then it is called URL definitely. Even if the URL has all component or not.

Syntax of a URL: Protocolschema://host:port/path?-query-parameters#fragment-id

Now to understand above mention syntax we take a URL and separate its component according to syntax.

Let Take a URL: http://besttechclassifiedads.com:80/technical-ads/?docid=-7463789292&hl=en#sh709uy


Http: Protocol - It is the medium through which browser connect to the web server to find the result for a digital query.

://: schema - It helps to identify protocol and follow three characters (colon and two slashes).

besttechclassifiedads.com: host - It is the combination of the hostname (like www.) and domain name.

80: Port - It is the number which doesn’t visible in the URL mostly. Http use port number 80 and https use port number 443. To know more about the port numbers visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_(computer_networking)#Use_in_URLs

technical-ads: Path - It defines a file or directory or category where the data store. Such as, in technical-ads category have no data then browser show 404(not found) error.

?: query - Question mark represent the queries followed by parameters. This is mostly found in dynamic WebPages and generated by a database or user-generated content. For examples: ?docid=-7463789292&hl=en (query part).

docid=-7463789292&hl=en: Parameters - are characteristics or snippets of the webpage which provide more information about a webpage to Google.

#sh709uy: Fragment - is a query which generates by a section within that webpage. Sometimes it called Anchor text. It is started with #(hash) character followed by an identifier.

That's All! But URL has two exceptional cases and it is necessary to understand.

First: Subdomain in URL

Let take an example: https:mcafee.antivirussupportaustralia.com, In this URL McAfee is the Subdomain of antivirussupportaustralia.com and other components are same as above mention.

Second: Most of URL ends with Path

This is really true, in above mention queries we told you about all the component of URL but in reality most of the URL doesn’t have the entire component. They only end at the path component.

For example: http://besttechclassifiedads.com/seo/what-is-crawl-rate-and-crawl-budget.html  this is the simple URL format. Most of the websites have this type URL Format. So it is necessary to understand. In this /seo/what-is-crawl-rate-and-crawl-budget.html is path component. If the URL has two or more categories like technical-ads/seo/onpage/what-is-meta-description.html even then all the queries are under path component.

Now That's All Thank You!

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