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If you are looking for a Bridal makeup specialist on whom you can rely to enhance your look and beauty, then you should contact The Verve Lounge. It is a beauty and styling boutique where the trained and professional team members will make all the efforts to provide you with top class of service. They understand the importance of such a big day and also know that you want to look very pretty. They are very friendly and make all the efforts to cheer up the bride and make them feel relax. They are well reputed for providing Indian Bridal Makeup service in Hamilton at a competitive price.

Business E-Mail:
Business Phone: 0413 740 903
Business Address: 1A/20 Racecourse Road, Hamilton QLD 4007
Method of Payments: • Cash • Stripe • Zip Pay
Hours of operation: Monday – Wednesday – 09:00 Am - 05:00 Pm Thursday – Saturday – 08:00 Am – 08:00 PM Sunday

Hamilton QLD 4007

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